Grouping Destinations

Whether it's for eliminating Workflow clutter, classifying your channels by different communities, or viewing your groups as data sets for analytics reporting, the Grouping Destinations feature hasyou covered. 

Creating a Group

  1. In the Destination Pane, click New Groupadd.png
  2. Provide a Name for the new group
  3. Click Add Destinationadd.png†You may add New and Existing Destinations, as well as StreamShares to your group. For detailed steps on adding destinations, please refer to the article Adding a Destination 

Editing Group Names

  1. In the Destination Pane, click Rename Groupmode_edit.png
  2. Provide the new Name you want for that Group

Collapsing Groups

  1. Collapse a Group by clicking Hide Destinationsexpand_more.png
  2. View the Group by clicking Show Destinationsexpand_less.png
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