Going Live to Twitch

Want to broaden the scope of your audience by streaming to Twitch? Cool – we have some ideas right here.   

µSince Twitch, Periscope, and YouTube have no restrictions, you're permitted to add them to thesame Workflow.µ

Follow these steps to go live to Twitch: 

  1. Select the Workflow Dropdown Menuexpand_more.pngin the upper left corner of the Workflow Pane

For existing destinations in your Workflow, there are two different ways to go live. This varies if you're starting a single destination or multiple destinations at the same time.

Single Destination Go Live

  1. Find your Twitch destination in the Destination Pane
  2. Click the toggle switch to start your Selected Destinationtoggle-off.pngµYou are now Live on Twitch!µ

Multiple Destination Go Live

  1. Click the Checkboxon each Destination you want to go live†Notice there is a new Bulk Menu at the top of the screen.†
  2. To go live, click the toggle switch toggle-off.pnglocated in the Bulk MenuµYou are now Live on Twitch!µ

For New Destinations  

If you're trying to add a new Twitch destination, refer to Add New Destinations



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