Managing My Destinations

Your destinations can be edited, filtered, and so much more – learn how to with these easy steps. 

  1. Access your Destinations by clicking Menumenu.png > Destinationsmenu.png

Add a Destination

  1. Click Add Destinationadd.png

µYou will be prompted to choose a New Destination, Existing Destination, or Stream Share. For detailed instructions on how to complete these steps, refer to Adding a Destinationµ

Filter Your Destinations

A: Filter by Search

  1. In the Search Barfilter_list.png, type the name of the Destination you want to see

†You can search for the destination by the internal name you gave it or by the platform name.†

B: Filter by Workflow

  1. Under Filter by Stream, click the Checkboxcheck_box_outline_blank.pngof the Workflow you want to see
  2. The Destinations linked with that Workflow can be viewed in the Destination Pane

Change a Destination's Name

  1. Click the Edit Iconmode_edit.png of the Destination you want to change 
  2. Under Name, type the new name of your Destination 

Delete a Destination

  1. Click the Trash Candelete_forever.pngof the destination you want permanently deleted
  2. Confirm by clicking Delete 
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