Adding and Removing Templates

Templates act as the metadata for your livestreams. They are designed for you to pre-set and change metadata while you are going live to your destinations. 

What are Templates?

Your templates can be accessed and managed by clicking Menumenu.png > Templatestemplates.png

Template Breakdown

Templates are separated into two sections:  Internal Information that is for personal use only, and your streaming audience can't see, and Streaming Information which will be made public on your live stream when you go live. 

Internal Information

  1. Label your Template for future convenience 
  2. Provide a Private Note for this Template, a brief outline or comment for future reference 

Streaming Information

  1. Provide a Title for your livestream that you want your viewing audience to see
  2. Select a Category from the Dropdownexpand_more.pngthat best classifies your content 
  3. Write a Description of your live streaming content. What do you want your audience to know about your streaming content?
  4. Provide Tags that classify and describe your content. Add a tag by typing the word and pressing Enter

†You may choose to Enable Low Latency Mode by clicking the Checkboxcheck_box_outline_blank.png. This feature reduces the possibility of steaming delays, and helps support real-time streaming.†

Creating New Templates

  1. Click Add a New Templateadd.png

†If you are brand new to Templates, you will not need to follow Step 1. The Templates page will automatically display the form you to need to fill in.†

Copying Templates

  1. Click Copy the Current Templatecontent_copy.pngfrom the top of the Templates page

Deleting Templates

  1. On the right Template Pane, hover over the Template you wanted deleted, and click the Trash Candelete_forever.png


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