Adding a Destination

To maximize your viewership, you can add destinations such as Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and even Custom RTMP's.

Add a Destination to an Existing Workflow

  1. Click the Workflow Dropdown Menuexpand_more.pngin the upper left corner of the Workflow Pane, and select the Workflow that you want to work in

˜You will be prompted to choose a New Destination, Existing Destination, or Stream Share. The steps for each option are listed below.˜

Add a New Destination

Follow these steps to add a new destination to your Workflow: 

  1. Click Add Destinationadd.pngNew Destinationfiber_new.png
  2. From the Platform Dropdown Menuexpand_more.pngselect the Platform you want to add
  3. Create a unique Name to help you remember and locate the destination later 

˜An Authorization Window will appear. Once you click Next, you'll be prompted to authenticate your chosen destination. This process varies based on the platform you choose. For further help on each platform, please see the Platform Authentication Steps below and select the one you want to add.˜

Add an Existing Destination

Follow these steps to add an existing destination to your workflow: 

  1. Click Add Destinationadd.pngExisting Destinationcheck.png
  2. From the Search Barfilter_list.png select the previous Destination you've added and click Done

You can add more than one destination at a time.†

Send a Stream Share Invite

Follow these steps if you want to invite someone to allow Switchboard Cloud to stream to one of their destinations: 

  1. Click Add Destinationadd.png>  Stream Sharecamera_rear.png
  2. Provide the Event TitleEvent Description, and Event End Date
  3. Add the invitee's Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  4. Click Send Invite ˜The user will receive an email from Switchboard Cloud with instructions to accept the invite.˜ 

Platform Authentication Steps





















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