YouTube Authentication

Switchboard Cloud requires access to the YouTube account that you want to stream to. Here are the steps to get started!

åBefore authenticating the YouTube destination, you must enable your channel to live stream. The process to activate your account will take up to 24 hours.å

Enabling Live Streaming

  1. Log into your Google account on https:/†Make sure you're using the Google account associated with your Switchboard Cloud account.†
  2. In the upper right corner, click your Account Icon
  3. Click Creator Studio
  4. In the left column of your dashboard, select Live Streaming
  5. Click Get Started, follow the Account Verification steps 

Authenticating YouTube

Once YouTube has authorized your account, you can begin the authentication process through Switchboard Cloud.

  1. From the Dropdownexpand_more.pngselect YouTube, and provide a unique Name for future convenience
  2. Authorize Switchboard Cloud to manage this YouTube Destination on your behalf by clicking NextDisable pop-up blockers. They may prevent the authorization page from opening.†
  3. Choose or Add the Google account associated with the YouTube Destination
  4. Give Switchboard permission to manage your YouTube account, and view its analytics for your sessions by clicking Allow  clicking Cancel will end the authentication process.˜A window will pop up showing that the authentication was a Success
  5. You may now begin using or managing this destination by clicking Finish


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