Confidence Monitor Offline?

Your Confidence Monitor is located in the Workflow page, and it is designed to show you what your audience sees. But sometimes that doesn't always happen. 

Why is My Confidence Monitor Offline?

If the monitor is displaying the default "Offline" screen, this likely means that you are no longer pushing video. 

†Begin troubleshooting with the following questions:

  • Is my encoder on?
  • Is my encoder software up to date?
  • What is the quality of my audio and video sources?
  • How is my internet connection?†

Troubleshooting: RTMP Push

  1. Ensure that your FMS URL/Stream Key matches your encoder

Troubleshooting: Stream Link

  1. Ensure your Link To/Source Stream is matching the FMS URL

µIf your settings are correct, allow 10 seconds before steaming resumes.µ


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