Going Live to Multiple Destinations

This step-by-step guide breaks down the process of streaming to the most popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope, all at once. Happy viewing!

  1. Menumenu.png > Workflowworkflow.png †By default, Encoder + Facebook will be the first Workflow displayed.†
  2. Add Destinationadd.png > Existing Destinationcheck.png 
  3. Click the Checkboxcheck_box_outline_blank.pngof your Facebook Destinations > Done†You have the option of customizing your Destination's Group name by clicking Rename Group.†
  4. Select or Create a Template by clicking the Template Dropdown Menuexpand_more.png
  5. Select your YouTube +Periscope + Twitch Workflow from the Workflow Dropdown Menuexpand_more.png
  6. Click Add Destinationadd.png > Existing Destinationcheck.png
  7. Click the Checkboxescheck_box_outline_blank.png of the YouTube/Periscope/Twitch Destinations > Done
  8. Select the Stream Linked Destinations by clicking their Checkboxescheck_box_outline_blank.png†Invite someone else to have Switchboard Cloud stream to one of their destinations by clicking Stream Linked Destinationschain.png.†
  9. Go live to your Destinations by clicking Starttoggle-off.png
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