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Witness the evolution of Switchboard Cloud! See what’s new, what’s fixed, or just take a trip down memory lane to see what bugs we squashed in days passed.

Release 2.1.1

Thursday, August 02, 2018


  • 20 Minute Demo - All new users now get a 20 minute free demonstration of Switchboard Cloud Professional.
  • 14 Day Trail (Self Checkout) - Users interested in getting a 14 day free trial can now do so through our self service checkout.


  • Payment Workflow - Updated our payment workflow and billing management tool.


Release 2.1

Monday, May 21, 2018


  • Help Desk - Switchboard Cloud has launched it's very own Help Desk to guide you through the software and show you some of the advanced features we offer.  You can access this at support.switchboard.live
  • Default Page - We've now set the default landing page to the last Workflow you used.  This will simplify things for all users.
  • Preview Audio - Added a new button in the Source Tab that allows you to preview your incoming feeds audio.  To do this, click and hold down on the Preview Audio button, once you let go it mutes again. gif article


  • Confidence Monitor - The video monitor in Switchboard Cloud has been rebuilt.  We've removed the old overlay, and changed it to a standard "pause/play" button.  The "Workflow Visibility" and "Remove Workflow" are now located at the bottom of the Source Tab.
  • Streams Button Removed - The "Streams" button that was located in the Navigation Menu has been removed.  Fear not, the page still exists, but you access it by selecting All Workflows in the Workflow Dropdown on any Workflow Page.
  • Viewing A Workflow - Prior to this build, you'd access your Workflow by hovering over the Confidence Monitor and clicking the icon.  This has been changed.  To access your Workflows now, you select the new "Workflow" tab when you're viewing All Workflows.
  • Adding Workflows - We've revamped the system for Adding Workflows.  When adding, you'll be prompted with a modal to add your Workflow's Name, and select wether you want an RTMP Push or a Stream Link.  Furthermore, you can now add them on two different pages...
  • Adding Workflows via All Workflows - Add by clicking the "+" button in the sub-navigation menu.
  • Adding Workflows via Workflow - Add by selecting "Add Workflow" in the Workflow Dropdown.
  • Creating Templates - We've added a new system for Adding Templates.  You can now do this on your Workflow page by selecting the Template Dropdown and choosing Add Template.  It will prompt you to enter the name of your Template, followed by the Meta data.  Once saved, it will propagate to your platforms, even if your live.
  • Stream Key - Default state of your Stream Key is now masked.  Their is a Show/Hide button above the input that will toggle it's viewable state.

Bug Fixes

  • Alerts - Revamped a lot of general alerts and warnings across Switchboard Cloud.  They should now be easier to digest for those that don't read binary.
  • All Workflows Carousel - Issue where the carousel would start at the last item rather than the first has been resolved.
  • Team Invite - Fixed an issue with invalid email addresses throwing an error.


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