Managing Your Workflows

Adding Workflows

Adding Workflows via All Workflows

  1. From the Subnavigation Bar, clickadd.png˜You will be prompted to provide a Stream Name for your Workflow, and to choose an RTMP Push or a Stream Link

Adding Workflows via Workflow Page

  1. From the Workflow Dropdownexpand_more.png, click Add Workflowadd.png˜You will be prompted to choose an RTMP Push or a Stream Link

Viewing All Workflows

  1. From the Workflow Dropdownchevron-down.png, select View All Workflows

Deleting a Workflow

  1. From the Workflow Dropdownchevron-down.png click View All Workflows
  2. Scroll down the Source tab of the Workflow you want removed
  3. Click Remove Workflow˜You will be notified that you are about to permanently delete a Workflow from your subscription. Click Delete if you are sure you want to do this.˜

Swapping Between Workflows

  1. From the Workflow Dropdownchevron-down.png in the upper left corner of the Workflow Pane, select the Workflow that you want to view


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