Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is a free and open-source software that allows you to record and stream video from a number of sources. This article walks the user through the steps of linking your OBS source to Switchboard Cloud. 

Adding a Source

  1. Click Add Sourceadd.png
  2. Choose from the menu which source you want to use for your stream†To hide the source from your display, clickvisibility_off.png. To show the source again, clickvisibility.png.†

Common Sources


Any webpage being displayed by an internet browser will be added to your stream.

  1. Click Add Sourceadd.png> BrowserSource
  2. Click Create New, give the source a unique name, click OK
  3. Provide the URL address, the dimensions (Width + Height), and Frames Per Second (FPS)
  4. Click OK

Video Capture Device 

These include devices such as cameras, webcams, or smart phones that capture video.

  1. Click Add Sourceadd.png> Video Capture Device
  2. Click Create New, give the source a unique name, click OK
  3. Click the Device Dropdowncode.png, choose the device that you want to stream video from
  4. If necessary, adjust the video Resolution, click OK

Window Capture 

Similar to Display Capture, Window Capture displays a very specific section of your monitor that you want displayed with your stream. 

  1. Click Add Sourceadd.png> Window Capture
  2. Click Create New, give the source a unique name, click OK
  3. Click the Window Dropdowncode.png, choose the component of your screen that you want to display†Only windows that are open will appear in the dropdown menu.†
  4. Click OK


  1. Click Settings > Stream
  2. Choose Custom Streaming Server
  3. Input the Address/FMS URL and Stream Key from your Switchboard Workflow
  4. Click Output to choose your Video Bitrate †Refer to "Choosing Your Bitrate" in order to ensure a reliable stream.†


  1. Click Start Streaming to begin your stream
  2. Click Start Recording to save your stream to a folder of your choice†Choose the folder your stream is saved to by clicking Settings > Output > Browse.†

Other Sources

  1. Audio Input Capture – microphone
  2. Audio Output Capture – headset
  3. Color Source – a customized solid color that is added to your scene
  4. Display Capture – your entire monitor is be displayed to your scene
  5. Game Capture – any game you are playing through DirectX or OpenGL will be displayed on your scene
  6. Image – .bmp, .tga, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, and .gif files can be added to your stream
  7. Image Slide Show – multiple images in a rotation can be added to your stream
  8. Media Source – Common video and audio files (.mov, .gif, .mp3, etc.) can be added to your stream
  9. Scene – this option allows you to add a scene in OBS as a source 
  10. Text – create text or load text from a file for your stream 









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