Telestream Wirecast

This article guides the user through the Telestream Wirecast workflow – from capturing your live input to streaming content directly to Switchboard.

Basic Wirecast Workflow Process

  1. Establish your audio + video sources by connecting your devices (camera, microphone, mixer, etc.)
  2. Capture content through your hardware (Mac, PC, etc.)
  3. Navigate Wirecast workflow features (transitions, animation, etc.)
  4. Stream to Switchboard Cloud

Add Shot

  1. On the Workflow page, click Add Shot (+) ˜A menu will pop up in order for you to select your devices.˜


  1. Under Video Source, select your video input device > under Audio Source, select your audio input device, and click Add



Output Settings

  1. Under the Output tab, click Output Settings ˜A pop-up will prompt you to select an Output Destination, click OK˜
  2. Copy the Address/FMS URL and Stream Key from your Cloud workflow, and paste it into the Address and Stream fields, respectively 



Start Stream

  1. Click OK
  2. Under the Output tab, click Start/Stop Broadcasting to begin your stream
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