LiveU Solo

This article walks the user through the steps of linking a LiveU Solo device to Switchboard Cloud. As it stands, the current version of Cloud does not include the LiveU token field, but this is easy to get around.

Power and Connect the Device

  1. Connect the encoder to the camera †Plug the appropriate cable into the HDMI or SDI input.†
  2. Turn the unit on by holding down the power button †If the device isn't charged, power the battery through the DC connector.†

˜By default, the device is offline until it’s connected to a network.˜

Stream to Switchboard Cloud

  1. From the Main screen, navigate to the Interface screen by pressing the Right or Center (Ok) button on the joystick
  2. Choose to connect your device to a network either through a Cellular, WiFi, or LAN interface


˜You will need the device's serial number for the registration process. To find it, press the Right arrow to access the Menu, then press the Down arrow to select Unit Info.˜

  1. To register, monitor and control your device, go to 
  2. Under the My Devices tab, click Select New Destination
  3. Choose RTMP

Create a New Destination

  1. Provide a Destination Name, for internal use
  2. Choose your Display Resolution
  3. From Switchboard Cloud, copy the Address/FMS URL and Stream Key and paste them into the Primary Ingress URL and Stream Name fields, respectively









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