Switchboard Cloud vs Joicaster

Designed for content producers, Switchboard Cloud allows users to stream to Facebook and any other destination. Joicaster, on the other hand, is targeted towards content creators who are not often looking to stream to Facebook. Joicaster allows users to connect with Facebook, but this platform limits users to stream only to Facebook and custom RTMP. Refer to the table below to see more key differences between these two products.

  Switchboard Cloud Joicaster
Workflows Multiple Single
Inputs Multiple Single
Templates (Meta Data) Multiple Single
Multiple Channels / Same Platform Yes No
Custom RTMP Max 5 Max 3
Transcoding Yes Yes
Facebook Integration Enhanced (API) Basic (API/RTMP)
Watermarking Yes No
Team Support Yes No


The Workflow page is the user's live streaming control center in Switchboard Cloud. This page includes the confidence monitor, video encoder details, real-time stream information, destinations, and metadata.
Input refers to the video signal that the user is pushing from an encoder to Switchboard Cloud. For every input, the user will establish a Workflow as an RTMP from which to multi-publish to other destinations.
Templates (Meta Data)
Metadata is user-generated information that describes the user's broadcast. This includes the title of the broadcast, a short description, tags, and other information related to the stream. This information may be updated in real-team or preset and saved under Templates.
Channels refers to the destinations Switchboard Cloud is publishing to within a platform. E.g. If a user is pushing video to Facebook, that user can stream to multiple pages and profiles within Facebook.
Custom RTMP
RTMP sources receive streaming video and audio data from an encoder in real time. RTMP sources differentiate themselves from Stream Linked sources, as they are not mirrored or multi-publish broadcasts. As a result, Cloud users are limited to five custom RTMP sources/workflows.
Transcoding is the process of converting encoded video into another format. Depending on the platform, there may be different video formatting requirements. Switchboard receives the ended video and transcodes it to meet various platform requirements.
Facebook Integration
Switchboard Cloud has the ability to interface with Facebook to perform actions on their behalf and on the user's behalf. Joicaster does not have this ability.
A watermark is an image, such as a logo or a pattern which is embedded in and superimposed onto the streaming video.
Team Support
Cloud users can invite other users to perform actions within their account. Through Team Support, destinations can be created and broadcast by another user, without having to share sensitive information such as one's password.
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