Welcome to Switchboard Cloud!

You're brand new to Switchboard Cloud, and that's awesome. Here is what you can expect from the Demo process and Trial period. 

Demo Mode

  1. To get a taste of Switchboard Cloud and its features, you'll be led to the Demo page. From here, you can test drive our platform for your first simulcast. ˜Don't be alarmed by the countdown clock. It only starts counting down once you've started your broadcast, so don't rush!˜
  2. Once the timer stops at 0:00, your stream will automatically end. But we invite you to click "Get 14 Days Free" for an extended trial period with our product. 

Trial Period

  1. Consider factors such as number of users, stream limits, and payment methods, and select a Subscription that best fits your needs.
  2. Enjoy a free two week Trial period with Switchboard Cloud. After two weeks, the Subscription period begins. 

†For any assistance that you may need, feel free to utilize our Support resources by browsing our Help Center (https://support.switchboard.live/hc/en-us) or by reaching out directly to us through support@switchboard.live†

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