Workflow Tabs

At Switchboard Cloud, we use the term Workflow for all your inputs such as an Encoder Each Workflow is comprised of three tabs, each containing different aspects of your incoming stream. Below is a breakdown for each of these tabs:

  1. Source Tab: Displays the details of your Encoder and it's connection to Switchboard Cloud.
    • Overview: Shows the Status of your Encoder in relation to Switchboard Live's Servers. Overview also allows you to Preview Audio by holding down on the button, and see your Resolution and Average Bitrate.
    • Encoder Region: (RTMP) The Switchboard Live server you connect to, select the one closest to you.
    • Stream URL: (RTMP) The Address to the Switchboard Live Server in the Encoder Region you selected.
    • Stream Key: (RTMP) A unique code used to identify your stream.
  2. Details Tab: Displays the technical details of your incoming stream.
    • Session: Shows your Unique Session ID along with the Start Time, the Last Activity, and Total Bytes Received between your Encoder and Switchboard Live's Servers.
    • Video (in): Shows the incoming Video Stats of your stream. i.e. - Resolution, Codec, Average Bitrate, Packets Received, Bytes Received
    • Audio (in): Shows the incoming Audio Stats of your stream. i.e. - Codec, Average Bitrate, Packets Received, Bytes Received
  3. Config Tab: Displays the configuration of your Workflow:
    • Source Name: The internal name for your Encoder
    • Source Type:Defines your source encoder as RTMP or Stream Link. This will determine what displays in this tab.
    • Link To / Source Stream: (Stream Link) This is will create a secondary Virtual Encoder of the Primary Encoder you link to.
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