Destination Details

Each destination in your Workflow is loaded with information that you may want to view during your broadcast. This streaming information can easily be accessed in your Workflow.

 Destination Information

  1. From the Dropdownexpand_more.png, select the Workflow that you want to view
  2. On the Destination Pane, click the Info Iconinfo.pngof the destination that you want to view
  3. The Destination Information Window will appear with the following details:
    • Broadcast: Shows the Status of your Encoder in relation to Switchboard Live's servers. Overview allows you to Preview Audio by holding down on the button, as well as viewing your Resolution and Average Bitrate.
    • Session: Shows your Unique Session ID along with the Start Time, the Last Activity, and Total Bytes Received between your Encoder and Switchboard Live's Servers.
    • Video (out): Shows the outgoing Video data of your stream. i.e. - Resolution, Codec, Average Bitrate, Packets Received, Bytes Received
    • Audio (out): Shows the outgoing Audio data of your stream. i.e. - Codec, Average Bitrate, Packets Received, Bytes Received
    • Facebook Insights: Shows basic analytics of your live stream, including views, impressions, and shares
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